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What do you think of our Escorts?

From the moment you go on the internet, whether that is for adult or generalised e-commerce purposes, you will find brand after brand will be pestering you for your thoughts and feelings on their company and product. They want to know what you think and, honestly, we do as well.

Take a moment to consider this from our point of view. You have just ended one of the hottest dates of your life with one of the escorts Nottingham has to offer and you are feeling more than just a little satisfied. All those sexy little techniques that your escort offered you should not just be kept to yourself. Instead of solely recreating the encounter in your head time and time again, we want to hear about it. We want to know exactly what our Nottingham escorts did to give you that sweet"Oh yeah" moment.

Each of our companions is completely unique in their dating techniques. So why not share your thoughts and feelings with the world? Leave a review on our escort's profiles and you will find that you are not only helping make the reputation of your favourite companion, but you will be assisting your adult community in letting them know which of our escorts can truly offer a night that can never be forgotten about.

A Good Review is a Huge Compliment for an Escort

At the end of the day, you need to remember that your escort sees her romantic service as a business. She is offering a product and wants to hear the feedback about what she did well and what she could improve on. That is why she will see it as a great compliment if you take the time to write a kind review on an escorting review website (like PunterNet) or on her gallery profile. Positive feedback is always a boost for any Nottingham escort. Not only do they feel good about the fact that they have made someone happy but it is bound to bring in new suitors who appreciate an honest review. So make sure her to compliment your Nottingham companion's romantic services both during and after your date!

Relive the Moment

Perhaps your night in paradise consisted of a romantic meal and then a GFE with toys, or maybe you just got straight to the action and chose to indulge in a purely erotic domination experience. Either way, it was something that you just cannot put out of your head. Instead of just letting it swim around and fade away, a review is a perfect way to relive the moment.

Some people solely choose to solely say what they enjoyed about the escorts in Nottingham whilst others decide to relive the memory as a whole. This can give you a fantastic buzz of endorphins as you enjoy thinking about your encounter and how much you would like to repeat it. Don't just let this rush go wasted. Instead, leave a review and remind your escort that you still think about the time you spent together. She will certainly enjoy being able to re-read it.

The People's Choice

At the end of the day, leaving a review for a Nottingham Escort Agency is not only for yourself. You are also helping other potential customers make a decision on which escort they want to meet with. Reviews help build trust between a client and our escorts, after all, if one suitor had a great experience with her, she clearly knows what she is doing. Help out your fellow clients, leave a review and give your favourite companion some great feedback.

Useful Feedback

When it comes to interacting with an escort agency in Nottingham, we genuinely want to hear your thoughts and feelings about our beautiful 24-hour escorts. We want to know about which of our escorts pleased you and which left you feeling like there was something more to be desired. Although you should never be rude or cruel in your reviews, if you did not have a good date then let us know why. Negative feedback is useful in regards to our escorts and our agency's improvement. So let us know why you enjoyed or did not enjoy our experience. That way we can build on your feedback and improve our services.

What sort of feedback do we want from our reviews?

Obviously, we all want to get good feedback for our Nottingham escorts, but there are other things that you may want to include in your review if you truly want to provide some useful feedback. This could include:

  • Her appearance/personality
  • Details of your date
  • Her Punctuality
  • Her Rates
  • Her Attitude
  • Your own thoughts and opinions on the date

We want to know exactly what made you happy and what you think could be improved on. That way we can keep improving our brand and the experiences of our beautiful companions. Any feedback that you have for our sexy escorts in Nottingham will be passed on to them so that they can think about it and apply it.

Where can you find Elite Diamond's escort reviews?

We list all specific reviews on the reviewed escort's profile page. Once you have found your perfect match, have enjoyed a date and want to talk about it. Go to her profile and scroll down till you find the "review" feature at the left-hand side of the screen. There you go leave your thoughts and opinions in the message box and even rate her level of "attractiveness" and "level of service."

Help our lovely ladies by leaving a review!

Once you have booked and met up with your escort, it would mean a lot to your chosen beauty if you would leave a review about her services and why you enjoy going to meet up with her. Let us know exactly what you enjoyed and how we can improve, that way we can ensure that you get the best date you possibly can. We will always take your thoughts and criticism on board as you are our number one priority.

Happy writing!

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