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The Bust is a MUST

Let's just let the cat out of the bag. I'm pretty new to the escort industry in general. I've only recently started using them after my marriage tanked. But, honestly, I am starting to wonder why I never used them in the first place. Elite Diamond Escorts are the first Nottingham escort agency that I've been to and, damn, the girls are extremely HOT. Just looking at the Gallery can prove that to you.

So, you may be wondering to yourself, what's the point of this blog? Why have Elite Diamond Escorts, a massive Nottingham escort agency, allowed me, a random stranger, to post on their blog? Well, maybe it's because I really just want to take a moment to talk about how amazing these north-west companions are in general. Let me introduce you to some of Elite Diamond's busty escorts, some of the best ladies on this entire website.

Busty babes are the best

You are genuinely crazy if you don't love a lady with curves. It's literally in our DNA to worship a lady with curves. Evolution shows that women with curvy bodies look more fertile and so naturally attract men towards them. That's been the way of the world since the beginning and I have no qualms about continuing this tradition.

Science aside, not only can busty women practically pull off any sort of outfit with a bit of cleavage, but the tighter it is on them the better. That's why I love the styles of the different escorts Nottingham produces. From tiny dresses to hot pencil skirts, damn, they just look so good I want to go out on a date with every single one of them.

Also, that sexy little thing escorts do with their hair so it falls just over their breasts? It's so erotic and tantalising that I practically can't keep my eyes off them. Us guys just need to remember to keep respectful and don't touch without your escort's permission. Yes, it can be tempting but it's not worth it. If you're nice to your lovely Nottingham escort, and you pay for her rates, then you will get your chance to enjoy them in no time ;).

Anyways, I lost track of what I was saying. Here are the other reasons why I love busty escorts:

  • Their curves are soft, warm and a great place to cuddle up against
  • They look so sexy in any bra or lingerie
  • Foreplay + Curves = A match made in heaven
  • Nipples- what more can I say?
  • Curves and lingerie honestly just highlight a woman's natural figure

I think the conclusion that we all have come is that busty escorts are some of the best around. They look goddesses that taunt all of us men with their supple cleavage. They have the right to be proud of their bodies. Not only do they look beautiful but they certainly know how to show it off.

The best of Elite Diamond's Busty beauties

I don't want you to turn you away from all of Elite Diamond's escorts. They are all sizzlingly hot and sexy women. But, honestly, I've been scrolling through the busty category for a while and I've had my fair share of experience with the lovely ladies on these pages. Honestly, the escorts in Nottingham are all an amazing bunch of ladies. They are all smart, beautiful and know how to show a guy like me a good time. But these are my favourites:


blonde maya takes a selfie showing off her huge cleavage

When I think of curves, I honestly think of Maya. This Greek hottie has curves up top and down low, so no matter where you go on her body, you will find that she looks like the perfect package. When I met up with her, not only was her conversation on fire, but she was a passionate lover in the bedroom. She wore this naughty little lacey one piece with stockings and high heels and just...damn. I felt like my body was practically on fire. Cuddling up against her after the ride was over only put the cherry on top of the cake. She was sweaty and smelled so good that I couldn't get enough of her. I just wanted to keep cuddling her over and over again.

If you are going to go out with this saucy little Nottingham minx, you will find that she is great to talk to and have a joke with. She's really open-minded and will never judge you on anything you say. I was getting a hard time at work before I came to see her. So I sat and chatted to her about it. It honestly made me feel so much better. She gave me some advice and I've been pretty good workwise ever since. It's why she's my go-to-gal. I love being able to catch up and get to know how her life is going. Maya really is the perfect women in both body and mind.


bia shows off her beautiful breasts and sits on a bed

If you want a mixture of a brunette barbie beauty and thick curves, Emma is the perfect lady for you. I must admit, it took me a while to actually book this lovely little lady. I was so hooked on her photos that I just didn't want to scroll down to book her. But eventually, I managed to look away from her gorgeous face and book her for a date.

Boy am I glad I did. I mean, her photos show how curvy she is, but meeting her in real life took it to a whole new level. Her silky brown hair practically caressed her soft flesh around her cleavage. Her tiny waist wast covered in a tight red velvet dress and the highlight the curves of her breasts perfectly. Better yet, it was so short that you could see her silky thighs and beautiful long legs. Damn did she suit those heels she was in? Honestly, it was like bliss undressing her later that night. I don't want to go into a lot of detail about our intimate encounter. But I can say, she was AMAZING. All sorts of positions and even gave me an extra 10 minutes because the evening had been so nice. 10/10 girl. Would take to a hotel again!

Okay, so outside of the bedroom and her delicious curves, this Nottingham escort was one of the nicest ladies I've met for a long time. Not only was she a genuinely really kind and warm-hearted lady. but I think she really formed a connection with me. She understood everything I was saying and even tried to give me some well-needed advice. Emma really is a lovely woman who does everything in her power to make her clients feel good about themselves. That's why she's worth a date!


kady sits naked in a black pair of heels on a chair

Sometimes you just fancy the charm of a British escort, someone has had a ton of experience with different clients and knows how to turn night into the ultimate sexual fantasy. It's nice to have the innocent GFE type, but at other times it's just nice knowing that there's someone who understands and wants similar things to what you want.

Now, Brooke is the sort of hot-blooded woman that knows when she wants a night of fun. Believe me, she is a passionate woman that loves being able to jump on her clients. You will be left breathless by the end of your date. She's not only a minx in the bedsheets, but you will find that you won't be able to keep your eyes off her beautiful curves. Her body looks amazing wrapped in a corset or catsuit. This is the sort of woman that knows how to make herself look irresistible to the opposite sex. With cleavage like hers, she could probably make any man do exactly what she wants! She certainly managed to wrap me around her little finger. That's why I keep on going out to see her.

The bustier the better

At least that's what I always say. I don't think I could go on a date with a woman that didn't have the curves to match her big personality. Yes, there are probably a ton of woman who isn't curvy but have a great personality. But that's just not my sort of thing. I want them big, beautiful and busty. If you want the same thing (or at least a similar type of woman) I would highly recommend making a booking with Elite Diamond Escorts. They will find the perfect woman for you!

Tune in next time for our next scrumptious story of our clients and their exploits with our Elite Diamond Escorts!

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