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Hey Fellas,

Now, I don't normally go on escort agencies and post stories about the escorts that I've visited. I tend to be an extremely private guy and keep my visits to any sort of companion discreet. Most people tend to see me as a pretty normal man. I have a good job, I'm not bad looking and honestly, I have a pretty good social life with both women and men. So, to put the point relatively short, I'm not the sort of guy you would expect to actually want to meet up with an escort for a date.

Why I take time to go and see adult companions

To put it bluntly, I go to see beautiful escorts because of convenience. I have a very busy life. I'm constantly on the move and don't have a lot of time to meet new people. Sure, I have my friends in my life, but they're not the sort of people that I can see dating any time soon. To make sure that maintain a reasonable love life, I go to Elite Diamond to meet up with the sexiest models available around Leicester.

I know that there are a lot of guys like me, but they may feel a little nervous about meeting their companions for the first time. It's completely understandable, especially if you feel a little anxious about meeting new people. But honestly, there is nothing to worry about. I remember that I felt a little nervous about my first booking, however now that I look back on it, I can see that I was in safe hands.

Leicester escorts are seriously some of the sweetest adult companions that you could ever meet. They are attentive, kind and love being spoiled by the men and women they meet. Take them out on a dinner date and you will find that they will always make polite conversation and talk to you about any topics that interest you. These are extremely intelligent women and they know when not to step over the boundary.

I think for me, the time I spent with my companion really refreshed me. Agencies, like Elite Diamond, are a great way to meet up with some fantastic women to enjoy some romantic time together. It's certainly helped me feel more confident myself, and to honestly give me some time to myself. I want to do the same thing for other potential clients, which is why I have taken some time to think about all of the escorts I have seen and what makes them the best of the best.

The Top Escorts in Leicester are worth your time

It's time for you to learn all about why Elite Diamond's fine selection of sexy companions will truly add some "sparkle" to your life. I know that sounds a little stupid, but they are seriously are wonderful women and they should be on your radar. I'm picking these gorgeous escorts based on my own experience. Keep in mind that all of them are fantastic companions and know how to entertain anyone that they meet. Just check out their reviews to see how good they are.

With that said, here are my top picks for the sexiest escorts in Leicester from Elite Diamond:


courtney sits in front of the camera in bright yellow lingerie

So, Courtney is a bit of a new girl on the block. But honestly, this English Rose is one of the sexiest models that I've ever met. She looks just as good as her photos. I do enjoy the company of women who look more mature and Courtney really lived up to all of my expectations and more!

We met up for a simple dinner date that would be followed by a quick trip to a hotel for some more intimate fun. Courtney was kind, considerate and extremely polite over dinner. I truly enjoyed getting to know her and we had a lot of interesting conversation about the present situation of the UK and the world in general. When we finally got to the hotel, I was blown away by how lovely her body was. She has sexy curves and she let me enjoy them. She provided romance and compassion in her every touch. By the time our hotel encounter ended, I felt so tired but the golden afterglow was something that every man should experience for himself.

Courtney is perfect for anyone new to the world of escorts as she is a great conversationalist and will take the time to make you feel great about yourself.


Alexia poses for the camera in sexy lingerie

Angelina is the sort of fiery minx that is perfect for any client to visit to indulge in any sort of fantasy. She was one of the first ladies I had on Elite Diamond, and it was back at a time when I was still exploring myself and the things I enjoyed when it came to the world of sex.

Of course, I was a little nervous to be vulnerable in front of an escort. She was a stranger and I was pretty worried that she was going to judge me for the things I was into. I'm a bit of a sub and I wanted to see how far I could go. That's why hiring a domination escort, like Angelina, was the perfect thing for me. She arrived at my hotel on time and sat down with me. She talked to me about my kinks and how far I was willing to go. The fact that she was so open-minded and interested in the type of services I wanted to put me at ease. When we were finally intimate, she gave me a safe word and we slowly built up to the main finale. It was incredibly soothing and it was an experience that I would never want to have with anyone else but her.

I actually still see Angelina nowadays! She will make you feel extremely welcome in her company and won't rush you into anything that you don't want to do. You are fully in control of your experience and you will love indulging at the moment with her.


Maya poses in blue lingerie on a bed whilst holding up her blonde hair

Blonde, cuddly and compassionate are the best ways to describe Maya. She is honestly one of the best GFEs I've ever had in my life. She looks like a pure angel when you meet with her. This lovely woman looks even better in real life and her body is simply delicious.

Naturally, with such a beautiful woman on my arm, I knew that I needed to show her off. That's why I took her out for a dinner date to an extremely high-end restaurant. She came in the tightest dress I had ever seen. Her breasts looked gorgeous and her make up was absolutely perfect. Of course, we made small talk, but I felt like I truly made a connection with her. So, when we eventually went back to the hotel room, our GFE genuinely felt like I was making love to someone I treasured.

She made me feel so calm and comfortable with her that I felt sad to see her go. I love it when a woman has a natural charm and can help their clients relax so easily. She was a pleasure to have around, and I am sure that you will love her too. That's why you need to book her for a date.


Adelle leans back in black and skin coloured lingerie

Now, I'm a pretty guy trying to handle my work-life balance, but honestly, sometimes I just feel really lonely, especially when it gets to wintertime. That's why I thought it would be good to get an extremely pretty escort to come and keep me company in my apartment. It wasn't a very complicated date. Instead, I just craved for simplicity and just the caresses of a sweet woman.

You need to realise that meeting up with an escort isn't all about sex. Now, Adelle is a gorgeous woman. You can see that from her pictures. She has a gorgeous body, kissable lips and flowing hair that you just want to run your fingers through again and again. But my meeting with her wasn't about that. Adelle came to my apartment, enjoyed a glass of wine and a chat about life and the world. Yes, I may have offloaded some of my problems and frustrations on her, but she was very sweet, kind and understanding. I couldn't have asked for a nicer escort. Adelle sat with her wine and listened to me attentively. I don't think she missed a single thing that I said.

Having that companionship is enough to perk anyone up. That's why you need to book Adelle for a date. The time you spend with her is unforgettable and will make you feel like a true man. It is nice to have someone to be there for you and just to listen. Honestly, it was a really entertaining night and Adelle really made me smile. That's what really counted and why I have put her in my list of favourites.


Raisa walks forward in skin coloured lingerie

Sometimes you just need someone on your arm who can make a fantastic impression on other people. Yeah, it's nice to have some intimate fun with escorts in Leicester, but honestly, my time with Raissa was spent doing more than just that.

I had an important business conference to attend and I didn't want to go to the after-drinks on my own. I needed someone who would make a great impression on any sort of business partner or workmate that I had. So, I brought Raissa along and she was amazing. If you look at her pictures, you can see that she is a gorgeous woman that is incredibly well put together. She knows her style and certainly knows how to look good. But she can also make an impression on people.

Raissa is extremely charismatic and automatically grabs the attention off everyone in the room. She is intelligent, witty and overall, an extremely nice person. It was worth bringing her as a date as all of my colleagues loved getting to know her as well. A bonus was the jealous looks I got when people realised that she was with me. But, of course, I didn't want to spread that around.

Inside and outside of the bedroom, Raissa is a fantastic woman. She is guaranteed to make you feel excellent about yourself and is worth booking.

Who are you going to see?

sexy blonde woman poses in lingerie in front of the camera

I hope that you enjoyed reading my list. Please keep in mind that these were only my personal choices. I still need to see quite a few other ladies that are displayed on Elite Diamond. But I am certain that they advertise only the best companions who will be more than ready to please you.

So, what's stopping you from making your first date with Elite Diamond? Go look at their escorts in Leicester now!

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