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When it comes to meeting up with a beautiful companion from an escort agency in Nottingham, you want to experience a woman who knows exactly how to handle a man and all of his desires. That is why you need to meet up with one of our English models. Not only are they all extremely classy and high-end escorts but you will always feel proud knowing that you have one of them by your side.

English Escorts are all independent women who are extremely intelligent. They will always keep you on your toes, for they only demand the best of gentlemen suitors. All they want is a man who can take care of them and treat them as only English roses deserve. Will you be the perfect match for them?

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Of Course, when you think about the British escorts Nottingham provides you with you think about how classy they are. You think about how they expect only the best and demand the finest treatment from their suitors. You will be blown away by their elegance and soft-spoken mannerisms. They will never speak over you. Instead, they are extremely polite and respectful and will always listen to everything that you have to say.

If you want to experience all the finest things that life have to offer, don't do it alone! Instead, meet up with a British escort in Nottingham and indulge in the finest foods, wines and activities together. English ladies love being pampered in spas, especially the ones at The Urban Rooms, so why not sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy all of the intelligence and charisma that your beautiful model has to offer.

If you have your heart set on meeting up with an English 24-hour-escort, then you have to do it through Elite Diamond Escorts. All of our English companions are high-end, sophisticated and ready to make you feel like a King.

Elite Diamond has the Sexiest English Girls in the Midlands

The British accent is famous for its soft and elegant tones. In 2015, the UK even came out as a winner in a poll to see which European accent was the sexiest. It gained a strong 27% of the vote and was clearly a favourite of those who adored the feeling of eloquence and class. Guy Winch, a psychologist from on PsychologyToday, claimed that this was because

"We find British accents sexy and alluring, they convey credibility, sophistication, and competence"

Every time you meet up with an English escort from a Nottingham escort agency, you will feel a sense of high-class through your beautiful companion. She will always look and act sophisticated when she is in your companion. Whether you go to see a show together, go out for dinner or just drinks at a champagne bar, you will feel like you are in the presence of nobility. Your British Escort is ready to indulge you in all of your fantasies and more.

English companions always know how to take advantage of the best aspects of their culture. Tea time, fish and chips or outings to the pub, your model will be ready to make sure that you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the treats that the British culture has to offer. Not only that but as Nottingham will be her main home, she will always be able to take you around to see the local sights.

How to Book a British Beauty from Elite Diamond today!

 So why not book her out for a date in Nottingham? You can book your lovely British beauty by calling our agency on 07922093901. You can speak to one of our friendly reception staff who will be able to arrange your booking quickly and easily, as well as recommend girls to you if you are unsure which one you want to book. Feel free to ask them any additional questions you might have.

Our lovely ladies can also be booked using our online Booking Form. Simply tell us the name of your chosen escort, the date and time of your booking, the booking address and your contact details, and we will take care of everything else.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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