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Perfect Petite Escorts Available Here at Elite Diamond

When it comes to meeting up with a gorgeous Nottingham Escort, you want a woman who can live up fully to your expectations. That is why she needs to be beautiful in both body and mind. Only Elite Diamond's petite models can live up to your high standards. So why not arrange a date with one of our lovely ladies today?

Beauty Standards

Let's face it, when it comes to the laws of attraction, we do not much say. We like what we like. However, one thing that seems to be agreed on is that petite escorts in Nottingham are some of the most feminine women in the industry. Not every man wants to end up dating an Amazonian goddess. Instead, they want a softer and shorter beauty. Shorter women tend to have more oestrogen in their bodies and so tend to look more feminine. According to a study conducted at the University of St Andrews,

“There was a very strong and direct correlation between the level of each woman’s oestrogen and how attractive, healthy and feminine they were found to be."

As shorter women tend to have more oestrogen in their bodies, you may find yourself brimming with pride over her adorable appearance. Petite escorts tend to look and act extremely ladylike, as well as appear tender and delicate. Every action your Nottingham companion does will emphasise her feminity and will lead you to have a strong sense of security in your masculinity. Just by standing next to your sexy 24-hour-escort will make you feel strong and protective. Our petite Elite Diamond escorts will bring out masculine emotions that you may have never felt before, so embrace them and enjoy knowing that the escorts Nottingham presents you bring out such raw unbridled passions.

Her Heels

Every beautiful escort loves being able to indulge in her finest outfits when she is on a date. However, only a petite escort can truly rock a pair of gorgeous heels and keep her body proportional. You do not want a companion who towers over you. Instead, you want to indulge in a beautiful petite model who can look sexy in any pair of high heels. They give her a formalised "finished" touch without disturbing the distinct proportions of her body. With a petite model, you will always find that she knows her own style perfectly and, even if she does wear heels, she will still need to stand on her tiptoes to greet you. Not only will this make her appear even more feminine but is extremely adorable to see!

Big Personalities

When you reach out to a Nottingham Escort agency, you want to meet up with a delicious midlands escort that is not just a pretty face. Instead, you want someone who can truly impress you with her charming wit and fantastic personality. Petite Nottingham escorts can capture the imagination and heart of any man, just take a look at some of the smaller petite celebrities for some evidence! Stars like Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande and Lil' Kim are all around 5'0" but have still managed to keep themselves in the public eye due to their vivacious attitudes towards life.

You will find that petite companions in Nottingham always know what to talk about, so prepare yourself to meet up with a gorgeous woman that will be able to keep your attention for hours on end. She will be funny, optimistic and have a true passion for the subjects she talks about. You will love every moment that you spend with her.

Are you ready to book a petite companion from Elite Diamond Escorts?

We know that our petite Nottingham escorts are extremely unique when it comes to their appearances and personalities. That is why you just have to meet them. Our escort agency in Nottingham is ready to give you the romantic experience of a lifetime. You just need to reach out to our agency to book it.

Elite Diamond escorts can be contacted by Phone on 07922093901 or through our Online Booking Form. From there you can speak with our reception team to finalise your booking and finally meet up with your dream escort.

Have fun!

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