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Get ready for a night to remember

Welcome to the world of escorting! Now, you may be feeling a little nervous, after all, escorting tends to be part of the adult industry that can feel a little "hush-hush". But don't worry, you are entering a world full of beautiful ladies that are ready to meet up with you to soothe any emotional, romantic or social longings. The Nottingham escorts who work for Elite Diamond are all extremely professional and are ready to make you feel like a brand new person. No matter where you go together for your date, you will always enjoy the time spent with our stunning companions. However, before you dive right in, you may have a few questions about the sort of date you are about to experience.

You have every right to be cautious. That is why our Nottingham Escort Agency is here to make sure that you get the right answers to put your mind at ease.

Is Escorting Legal?

This is a normal question that most people ask when they are trying to take their first steps into the escorting industry. According to UKNEA, in a guide about UK law about escorting,

"It is completely legal to be an escort in the UK. There are no laws against Escorts here"

Escorting is not the same sort of thing as prostitution, therefore there are no legal repercussions for those who practice it and for those who partake in it. If this is the thing that is holding you back from booking an escort, then hopefully this will make you feel better! You will certainly not get in trouble for booking out the escorts Nottingham has to offer you. In fact, you will find that each of the escorts you meet up with is extremely charming and will make you feel safe and secure whilst you are in their company.

What should I expect from an escort encounter?

When you arrange a date with a sexy Nottingham escort, you will have extremely high expectations. After all, you want to meet up with a beautiful woman who has it all. That means she needs to have the looks, the charm, the charisma and an individualistic personality that will keep you longing for her all night long.

Think of an escort as the romantic lady from all of your dreams. Whilst she is human, and has normal thoughts and feelings, and has worked hard to make sure that you have a fantastic night out. She will be happy to talk to you about anything that is on your mind and will always leave you feeling like you have made a deep connection with someone. That is what the escorts in Nottingham truly take pride in, knowing that they have managed to bond with someone that really needs them and their companionship.

After you have arranged your date from a Nottingham escort agency, you can expect your encounter to run as smoothly as any other date. You can arrange to meet your companion in a hotel room, a restaurant or anywhere that you desire. Your escort will always be on time and her appearance will be practically impeccable.

If you are looking an intimate encounter then your sexy model will have prepared for this. Make sure to let her know about what sort of intimacy that you are looking for, for instance, if you are looking for some fun with an escort with toys, then tell your companion and she will alert you to the sort of toys that she has. If you have your own then you are welcome to have a discussion about what she would be comfortable using.

Feeling nervous about your first date?

Don't worry, pre-date jitters are completely normal for clients. After all, you are meeting up with a gorgeous woman who has grace, eloquence and style. But remember, she is still a human being. She is there because she wants to make you happy. That last thing she wants to do is make you feel nervous or uncomfortable.

Before you meet up with your Nottingham companion, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are simply meeting up with another person. She is an individual and is extremely open-minded, so remember, there is genuinely nothing to fear when it comes to enjoying her company. Just make sure to give your escort as much information as possible about what you want. That way you can have your mind blown every single time!

Learn the Lingo

You may have noticed that on our escorts profiles that they have listed acronyms where their services are. It will certainly help you in knowing what these services actually mean instead of simply demanding them from your companion on the day. Learn how these abbreviations work and your Nottingham companion will know exactly how to please you.

Should I bring a gift?

The splendid ladies from our gallery always appreciate receiving your gifts. However, try not to spend too much money on presents. Whilst they will be happy to receive chocolates, flowers or any small gift card, extravagant gifts can be a little overwhelming. Try to stick to simple presents and our beautiful models will certainly enjoy your efforts.

How should I pay for my date?

Once you have arranged your date through our reception team, it is common manners to pay your escort upfront. Always make sure to have the cash in hand, as well as additional money should you want to extend on your booking. Try to remain polite about payment and give it to your beautiful companion within the first 5-10 minutes of your encounter. That way you can relax and enjoy the mood together, instead of feeling awkward about not yet having presented your escort with the payment. Try placing it in an envelope if you want your escort to feel more respected. Try not to rush your companion when she is checking her payment, for you are a gentleman and she deserves to be treated properly.

What can I expect from a date to her apartment?

Any self-respecting escort agency in Nottingham will know that the most important thing at an escort's house is hygiene. You may be a bit nervous that the environment you go to may be dirty, but do not worry, you can rest assured knowing that your escort and her home will always look impeccable. All of our beautiful ladies know that you want to be made comfortable when you arrive for a date. So she will always make sure her home is clean and tidy. If you are lucky, she may even have a romantic ambience set up with candlelight, incense and soft music. She will put your mind and body at ease before any intimacy begins.

Relax and enjoy the moment

At the end of the day, you are meeting up with a beautiful woman because you want to. You want the socialisation and you want the comfort that can come from a womanly touch. So take your time and enjoy the night. No matter how many nerves you have, our Nottingham escorts will take good care of you during a booking. So relax and enjoy! Elite Diamond Escorts are here to fully take care of you and give you a fantastic range of beautiful women to enjoy.

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