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Here at Elite Diamond Escorts, we aim to bring our clients the best of the best. Only the most charming and beautiful of Nottingham Escorts can join our family. The suitors in Nottingham deserve the opportunity to experience the class that gorgeous girls, like yourself, have to offer them. However, we cannot bring them this entertainment without you.

The escorts in Nottingham are the very soul of Elite Diamond Escorts. All the young ladies who live in this area all have a flair and charm that need to be shown off to the clientele of the area (and beyond). We are always happy to take on the gorgeous escorts Nottingham has to offer us. After all, they are charming, full of grace and are always ready to please their clients.

However, the main question that you may have is in regards to our agency as a whole. This question is if you are recruited by Elite Diamond Escorts, will we be the right fit for you? Will you always be advertised and given the best choice of clients? Well, the answer to this is simple:


You are our main focus

When it comes to our beautiful companions, we understand that you may be concerned that your Nottingham escort agency may not fully take care of you. Instead, they will remain silent and simply not get you any business. Well, this is certainly not the case with Elite Diamond Escorts. We will always advertise your services to the full and make sure that you get clients that you deserve. No matter what sort of category of escort you fall under in our gallery, the clients who come to your page will be able to see you and your services. Our reception team will always advertise your skills and make sure that your profile looks gorgeous.

We actively encourage your clients to leave reviews on your profile. That way you can know exactly what they have enjoyed on your date and what leaves room for improvement. That way you can incorporate their feedback and use it to improve your future dates. Don't worry, we will always keep an eye on your reviews. If clients act less than "gentleman-like", i.e. leaving insults or rude reviews, we will not allow them to contact you again and will delete their review.

Talent is Rewarded

If you are bringing in a lot of clients and generating a lot of business, we will always notice this. We fully intend to reward you for good services and entertaining your clients. You will be featured in our blog and our reception team will make sure to recommend you to all clients who are feeling unsure about the sort of escort they would like to meet up for a date.


No one can be fully safe within the escorting industry. At the end of the day, you are meeting up with someone who you do not know much about. If a date does go wrong and you are forced to leave, you will have our full support. We will make sure that the client cannot contact you and that the same experience will not happen to your fellow escorts. You are also welcome to write about your experiences online on escort chats, like SAAFE, in order to make sure you can keep any dangerous clients at bay. Your safety is our number one priority and we will always do our best to make sure you feel comfortable when you are at work.

You are always welcome to join Elite Diamond Escorts

Every escort agency in Nottingham wants beautiful companions that can make sure that they can fully please all of their clients. They are the reason why so many bookings happen in the first place. You are our priority and you will always get our full commitment to you and interests.

If you are interested in becoming an escort with Elite Diamond Escorts, feel free to call us on 07922093901 or use our recruitment form.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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