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Who doesn't love to party?

Let's say that I'm the sort of guy that never really grew up after university. Yeah, I know that makes me sound pretty bad but at the same time, I don't think it's that much of an insult. I like to party and have done ever since I was younger. Whether that means going out to a club, a disco, a rave or even just a house party, I've always gone full out. Downing a full keg of beer in one evening has never been an issue for me. If anything it just makes me feel more confident.

Yeah, I'm one of those guys. But don't get me wrong, I'm not a bad guy. I respect women and think that they deserve to be treated well by the sort of fellas that they meet for dates, especially if they happen to work as an escort. It sounds like a bit of a hard job, to be honest. Every day, you go out and you have to meet up with several men, some who are sort of charming and others who are probably as dull as dishwater. That's why I respect Nottingham escorts so much. I certainly couldn't do a job like that.


Picking out a date

So, let me set the context for you. One of my mates was throwing a party and he was pretty well-known for going all the way out. You know what I'm saying, right? So like hiring a DJ, getting in loads of booze and food, setting up a music area, amazing pool and jacuzzi in his back yard...Pretty much just a perfect party package. He didn't host these sort of parties a lot, but when he did, man, he did it hard.

That's why I wanted to make sure that I had a date for this party. Yeah, I had some friends that I could chill with, but this was the sort of party where I wanted people to notice me. I'm not super vain or anything like that. It would have just been cool to have a hot companion on my arm for the evening, y' know?

I've been out with a ton of escorts in Nottingham. They're chilled out, great to talk to and are really, REALLY good in bed. This time, I fancied something a little different. Normally, I'm the sort of fella that's into Blondes or Busty escorts. But this time, when I took a gander at Elite Diamond's gallery, I decided that I would do something a little different.

I decided that this time I would go with a Party Girl Escort. I mean, look at the ladies who are in that category! Not only are they simply GORGEOUS but they all appeared different. From blondes to brunettes, to classy ladies in corsets to others who were in leather, each looked like a treat and I knew that I would have a wonderful time with any one of these ladies.


So... Who did I pick?

In the end, I picked a lady who looked like she was a bundle of life and had a body that looked like it belonged on a copy of Playboy. She had long brown hair, bright smile and a curvy body that was tightly wrapped in a leather corset and a set of black boots. Her breasts were gorgeously cupped in her tight little corset. She did look a bit over-the-top with her outfit choice, but she looked like the sort of woman who would be up for a good time.

So, I reached out to the lovely lady in question and managed to snag a date with her. Elite Diamond Escorts (as a Nottingham escort agency) were extremely professional and managed to arrange a date with my chosen companion as quickly as possible. It was great to hear that my favourite lady was available and was more than willing to go to a party with me. I let them know all of the details and where we should meet.

We had decided that we would get to know each other at a local pub before we moved onto the party. That would give us enough time to get to know each other before I moved on. I wanted to make sure that I knew about what sort of person she was before I introduced her to my friends. That and I honestly wanted to make sure that she would fit in with the sort of people I hung out with. I'd heard about "nice girls" before and didn't want to meet someone who would bug out on us. Thankfully, my date was anything but that.


Meeting my date

My escort and I met outside of a local pub before we went to the party. I had told her to dress in something sexy but not too strippy. I was hoping she would just wear something tight that would show off her body. Let me tell you, my party girl escort did not disappoint.

When she came to meet me, she was dressed in a tiny pair of black jeans, a red sparkly boob tube with large red heels to match. This party girl was practically the epitome of sex and I just couldn't wait to get to know her. Not only was she extremely friendly, since she hugged me from the moment she met me, but she was also happy to go into the pub to get a drink with me.

We chatted, got to know each and I was pretty happy with the sort of things she was saying to me. She seemed like an extremely intelligent woman and was happy to let me know about her likes, dislikes, interests and the sort of woman she was. As an individual, my first impression was that she was quite an optimistic woman who knew about what she wanted from her encounters with her clients. I hoped that she liked me. Well, she's kept in contact with me since then, so it was pretty obvious that she liked me.

Anyways, the main point is that she was happy to come with me and get down to business.


The Party

The party was one hell of a night to remember. I remember us chatting with beers and wine, dancing outside (body-on-body contact was HELLA GOOD) and eventually making out in the pool naked. She got my blood pumping, in more places than just my heart, and she certainly knew everything that she was doing.

Do you want to know the best event of the night? It was when a friend of mine tried to flirt with her and she ended up just coming back to me instead. It made me feel so good about myself, especially when she put him in his place. I hope that other guys who go out with her get to feel the same thing.

Now, you must be wondering, did I end up doing the deed with her after the party? Well...No. Surprise, surprise! We did a lot of kissing and groping but didn't go through with the full act. Instead, we just enjoyed ourselves and allowed ourselves to dance the full night away.

Don't worry though. We have met up since and have enjoyed ourselves. I would say that she is a spot on 10/10. She is spunky, fun and pretty much up for anything. If you are lucky enough to meet her, be sure to be nice to her. She will soon become your favourite.


I LOVE party escorts

Party escorts from Elite Diamond escorts are seriously some of the best in the area. Not only are they extremely professional. But they will make you feel like you are the top-notch dog of the party. Just be prepared to dance a lot of the night away and have fun. I would recommend booking a party girl to anyone looking for a night of pure exhilaration.

Tune in next time for our next scrumptious story of our clients and their exploits with our Elite Diamond Escorts!

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