A Couples Escort Saved My Marriage!

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Although I will not reveal my name, I can tell you that I have been using North-West escorts for quite a long time. Don't get me wrong. I do not use escorts just to fulfil my sexual needs. I regard most of the Nottingham escorts, whether they live in Derby or Leicester, as wonderful women. Not only are they extremely beautiful but they are kind and they genuinely listen to everything that you have to say. The main reason why I started booking escorts was actually that I was feeling extremely lonely.

Struggling with self-esteem issues

I would not necessarily say that I am an ugly man. Perhaps, just someone with self-esteem issues. On the outside, I probably look like everyone else. But on the inside, I used to struggle with my own doubts about myself as a person. Sometimes these sort of thoughts filled my every waking moment. Why would women find me attractive? I don't even have a charming personality to make up for my lack of looks. True, I have a good job in Nottingham, but money isn't everything. Sometimes I even feared that I was becoming a neckbeard and that I was scaring off more women than actually bringing any of them out on a date.

Luckily, my life changed when I was about 24. I met my wife at a yoga session at my nearby gym after I was told that a warm-up exercise was to go around and hug someone. We just started talking and I found that I really started to like her. We got married pretty quick, probably too quick, and moved in together. Life was pretty sweet.

Good start soon sizzled out

My marriage started off pretty good. We were happy together and spent quite a lot of time with each other. Although this was great to start with, I started to find it a bit daunting. It felt like she wanted to make me completely hers and that I wasn't allowed to have any freedom of my own, in particular about what I could do or where I could go. She even started getting upset about me spending time at my job. Yes, I got home late, but I couldn't do much about that. I felt trapped, stifled and honestly like I was starting to drift away from her on an emotional level.

Meeting with an Elite Diamond Escort

I knew that if my wife ever found out about my time with the escorts in Nottingham, she would be incredibly hurt. But I couldn't resist going back to my old habits. I started using my late evenings as a way to meet up with some of the hottest ladies from Elite Diamond Escorts. Just one look at these beautiful companions made my heart, burn with desire. I always had a thing for curvy brunettes and was delighted to see that there were so many sexy ladies available that fit my interests.

It wasn't long before I kept on meeting up with the same woman. We would go out for evening dates, go to the swankiest restaurants and when we returned to a hotel for the remainder of the evening, the sex was AMAZING. She would do things for me that my wife wouldn't even think of trying. But, what really made me happy, was how open she was about her opinions and advice on how I should improve my life. I've read before on a blog about why men pay for sex that

"sex workers enable a ‘zone’, a safe haven, in this stress filled world that I live in, where I can expose myself, both physically and emotionally, free of criticism, judgment or ridicule."

Honestly? This made a lot of sense for me. I felt that I had been released from my wife's grip and was able to actually relax in the company of one of the finest escorts Nottingham had to offer me. She was kind and wonderful cuddle material. I can't even describe to you the sort of bliss I felt just lying next to her and just being able to talk.

I was advised that my wife may just be nervous about losing me and most women are naturally quite clingy when it comes to new relationships. My Nottingham companion gave me tips and tricks on opening myself up to my wife and how to make her feel special and secure in our relationship. At first, it was just loving gestures and topical advice on how to get my wife to open up. I decided to apply this when I got home to try and make my wife open up.

The surprise!

So, it did take a while for me to actually get my wife to open up about why she had become so clingy to me. I assumed it was because she was still getting used to living with me or was still in the sort of semi-done honeymoon stage of our relationship. But the truth was far from that. After a glass of wine, we talked and I actually found out that she had become clingy because she was trying to prove that she loved me. She never wanted me to feel like she wasn't interested in me. The conversation sort of went something like this after that:

"But why do you think I wouldn't be interested in you? I'm crazy about you!"

"Well, it's not really your feelings that are the problem."

"What do you mean?"

"I think it might be mine. I do love you...But recently I've been watching a lot of porn..."

"And? Why would that be a problem?"

"Because I've been watching a lot of girls recently...Either solo or lesbian..."

"So...You're trying to tell me that you might be gay?"

"No, no! Maybe Bi..."

It was a big shock to me. Throughout our marriage and time before that, she had never shown any signs of liking women. In fact, I swear that she had only told me that she was interested in men! But, this was a big thing for her admitting this. I didn't want to make her feel bad over it. After all, she was my wife! So I held her and made sure to tell her that we could figure something out. It was a bit of a bonding experience for us, but still, it left me puzzled about what I should do.

Inspiration from my Elite Diamond Escort!

I wanted my wife to feel supported as she came out of the closet. But still, it did add some worries to my own thought process. What if she only wanted to see women now? What if she lost interest in me? That's why I went to see my Nottingham escort and talk things through with her.

It was actually my beautiful escort that helped me think of a solution to my problem. She told me that a lot of escorts are actually willing to see couples and to pleasure both the man and the woman of the relationship. She suggested that I bring my wife along and see if an arrangement could be made.

Whilst my wife was hysterical about the whole notion to start with, after a little bit of gentle persuading and coaxing that this would be good for us, she began to approve of the idea that we both meet up a couples escort to see if we could make an arrangement. We both looked at Elite Diamond's amazing gallery of beauties and picked someone who appealed to both my wife and myself.

When we finally met up with her, she was as gorgeous as her photos suggested. I could tell that my wife was smitten, and I was as well. Her long brown hair, her slender waist and delicate curves made her the perfect person. Better yet, when she spoke to us, it was obvious that she was a very intelligent young lady that had very fair prices and sexual expectations. She knew exactly what we needed and promised us that we both would enjoy herself. As my wife had just come out, she would take it slow to make sure that she would be able to get into it at her own pace.

We decided that we could meet up once every month if the first meeting went well. Whilst my wife was nervous, both our Nottingham escort and I tried to relax her. That was when we shut the doors to our bedroom and began our experience.

The Experience

Although my wife was obviously anxious about the whole affair, she wasn't for long. Seeing our beautiful couple's escorts move her hands all over my wife's bouncy curves and kissing her soft lips made me feel excited to be alive. No, I wasn't nervous that my wife was going to run off with this woman. Instead, I wanted to get involved as soon as possible. But  I held myself back to admire the full sight that these two women were giving it. My wife was obviously loving every bit of attention that our sexy escort was giving her and she seemed to relax as time went on.

Whilst I won't reveal the name of the escort we chose, to preserve the young lady's privacy, I can tell you that she handled both me and my wife with tenderness and care. Never once did I feel like either of us was getting more attention than the other. We simply slotted into place and began to enjoy the carnal pleasures of our encounter. It was a shame that the time had to end! But when it did, we were sweaty, exhausted and ready to cuddle up and relax.

Our couples escort did have to leave, but I honestly felt so good cuddling up against my wife that I didn't really mind. I hadn't felt that way about my wife in ages but now it felt like we were happy again!

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Elite Diamond escorts is a Nottingham escort agency that you can put your trust in. Not only do they deliver the most sensual ladies available, but the women are kind, intelligent and know how to treat a man (and woman) with respect. They saved my marriage and are always happy to meet up at a convenient time to make you feel great about yourself.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who asked and I am still a loyal customer to this day.

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